The Albanian American Organization Chameria (AAOC) is excited to announce that it began publishing its first newspaper “The Voice of Chameria”. The first edition came out in December 2014. This news journal is published in New York and is intended for raising awareness through information to Albanians and non-Albanians alike in order to:

1) Enter into a new phase of communication and dialogue for solving the Chameria issue – a silent section of the overall Albanian population in Greece.
2) Work towards normalization of Albanian relations with Greece with U.S. support and mediation.
3) Provide thematic coverage of issues affecting the Albanian Diaspora in USA.
Currently this monthly newspaper, both in Albanian and English, is in the hands of hundreds of readers in Chameria, USA, Canada, as well as in Albania, Greece, Turkey and Italy. [The online version can be accessed HERE]

Abonimi mbështet publikimin e gazetës dhe Organizatën Çamëria.

Ju faleminderit për mbështetjen!

Voice of Cameria

Albanian American Organization Chameria
PO BOX 452 Addison, IL 60101

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