Pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Albania; Taking into consideration the purposes and principles of the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, of the principle against collective punishment, as well as other relevant international acts; Referring to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, particularly articles 1.2.6, 9,13 and 15; General Assembly Resolution of the United Nations no. 4780 on “Ethnic Cleansing” and racial hatred; Article 1 of the supplemented Protocol no. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms; Pursuant to law nr. 7839, date 30.06.1994 “On the annunciation of the date 27th of June on the national calendar as a commemoration of the genocide made by the Greek chauvinist against the Albanians of Chameria”, enacted with the decree of the President of the Republic of Albania no. 885, date 12.7.1994. Under the spirit of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, Good Neighborliness and Security between Republic of Albania and the Republic of Greece (hereinafter referred as “The Treaty of Friendship”); According to article 15 and the whole text of the Treaty of Friendship, between the two countries, the spirit of international acts mentioned above, imposes the removal of barriers to the restoration of the rights of Albanians in the Republic of Greece through an appropriate legal framework for the whole prejudiced community rather than individual trial processes,

1. Recognizes and supports the restoration need of all the rights of Albanians of Chameria, former Greek nationals, according to the new circumstances, pursuant to the international legal principles on genocide, ethnic cleansing, and due process, non discrimination based on ethnicity, other relevant principles, and the spirit of the Treaty of Friendship between the two countries.

2. Claims the reinstatement of the fundamental rights of Albanian citizens, former Greek citizens, including the return of their property, acknowledgment of their repatriation rights, the right of regaining the citizenship, and other rights of national minorities.

3. Asks for the abrogation of the Greek Law of War nr. 2636 and 2637/1940, enacted through royal decree on 1940, still into force, especially the part of the law that provides for seizure of Albanian property.

4. Asks for the effects of the Greek law nr. 1540/1985 “On refugees” to extend to all Greek citizens that departed as a consequence of the civil conflict, without discrimination based on ethnic origins. A law that contradicts many international acts against discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion etc.

5. Asks the Government of the Republic of Albania that in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Greece, to reactivate the Bipartisan Special Commissions provided on the Treaty of Friendship, to examine the issue, to recognize its dimensions, and to work on the necessary solutions on the matter.

6. Charges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to safeguard the rights of Albanians, not deported from their original land, and to demand the recognition of ethnic minority status for them.

7. Demands the construction of two monuments in Paramithia and Filates to commemorate women, the elderly and children, innocent victims of crimes perpetrated by the Greek militia.

8. Demands the option to construct or maintain cemeteries of Chams, former Greek citizens, killed during the Greek genocide.

9. Charges the Ministry of Education and Science to reflect in an adequate and proportional manner the history of this part of the Albanian population in school textbooks.

10. Charges the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports to, according to the mutual agreement with the counterpart Ministry of the Republic of Greece, promote their cultural values and objects located outside of the territory of the Republic of Albania. Also demands the Ministry of Education and Science to request its counterpart Greek Ministry to prompt removal of Greek texts of offensive and discriminatory nature against the Cham population.

11. Charges the Government of the Republic of Albania, in compliance with this Resolution, to express to the Greek authorities, through its diplomatic channels, the position of the Republic of Albania regarding this matter.

12. Charges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make known this Resolution to governments and parliaments of the member countries of the European Union and NATO, and to those international bodies of which Albania is a member.

13. Reserves the right that in case of a refusal from the Greek authorities to consider this matter under the light of international acts on discrimination, free movement, and fundamental human rights in general, to represent this matter to the relevant international agencies.

We as a part of Cham Albanians living in the USA are organized under the Albanian American Organization Chameria (AAOC). AAOC is determined to promote social justice, tolerance and achieve resolution for the Cham Issue. The only hope for us as Chams is the American citizenship. We are very proud to live here and we were free to march on the Fifth Ave in Manhattan unfolding the truth: CHAMERIA IS ALBANIAN.


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